Cubasis 3.1.1

Extremely glitchy!

Has anybody else have these issues:
When activating cycle while playing the play head jumps to measure 1 regardless of the cycle locators positions
Trying to move a part activates cycle
Projects and mixes wouldn’t sort by time! So, Cubasis has a Y2K bug like my Windows 95 had!
In piano roll notes don’t snap to the piano roll snap but to the timeline one - happens sometimes but regularly
IAA take very long to open! Somebody already reported this I think

iPad Pro 10 first gen iPadOS 13

Hi Iliavr,

Thanks for your message.

To allow us reproducing your issues, please let us have detailed bug reports using our bug reporting form below.
Please make sure to create single reports per issue.


Bug Reporting Form

  1. Summary/Title
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  2. Description
    (Provide a detailed description and list the step by step process to reproduce the issue to help the team to understand and reproduce the problem)

  3. Expected Results
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  4. Actual Results
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  5. Environment
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Dear Lars,

Thank you for your reply. I can definitely do that. Can I just clarify - is there a webform to fill out or do I just respond following the headings you suggested in your reply?

Hi Iliavr,

Thank you for your message.

Please feel free to post the bug report in this topic.

If you want to share a additional video clip or project file with us, please upload everything via Dropbox (or similar), and provide me with the download link via PM.

Thanks again!


  1. Summary/Title: Solo/Muting irregularity with Groups [Cubase 3.1.1 on iPad pro 10.5 First Generation, iPADos]

Link to video of behaviour: RPReplay_Final1595503852.MP4 - Google Drive

Currently if I have a project with tracks inside group tracks and press Solo on one of these tracks routed to a group it also puts solo on the whole group, so when I unsolo the track, the Solo on the group still stays.

  1. Description
    E.g. have 2 midi tracks and they are routed to the group track. Solo one of the tracks, then unsolo, you will see the group is solo’ed - this is very inconvenient for fast Solo checks.

  2. Expected Results
    I expected the group track not to be solo’ed when I am soloing a track routed to a group, so that I don’t have to search for a group track and manually unsolo it as well.

  3. Actual Results
    It currently takes extra clicks to unsolo a track as I have to unsolo the group track in addition to the original track.

  4. Environment
    iPad 10.5 first gen (with lightning connector), Cubasis 3.1.1, iPAdOS (latest)

Thanks for your support.

Yes you are so right! Cubasis is not working properly.
We need a update with much more features.

Summary/Title: Solo/Muting irregularity with Groups [Cubase 3.1.1 on iPad 10.5 First Generation, iPADos]

Hi Iliavr,

Thank you for the step description.
Issue has been entered to our bugbase and shared with the team.


Awesome, thanks Lars

Bug: mix downs and projects can’t be sorted by date in media bay. On the UK locale, English, Pados 13.5, iPad Pro 10 inch first gen, Cubasis 3 latest. They are sorted by day but NOT by month!

Clip volume handles not working on audio!

On my Cubasis 2 they work no problem on the same ipad, dragging on the top line makes a clip quieter, but not in Cubasis 3. It works on midi clips I think. Please help!

Also, the audio editing window only has normalisation but not gain, this is not good.