Cubasis 3.1.3 crashing if two midi'-usb cables with the same name are connected

  1. Summary/Title
    If 2 midi-usb cables from the same manufacturer are connected (USB hub via CCK) Cubasis can’t start.

  2. Description
    If I connect 2 cables named “Midi-link mini” cables to a usb hub which is connected to the Ipad, Cubasis 3 crashes at the start.

  3. Expected Results
    Cubasis 2 doesnt have this problem. I can open Cubasis 2 and the 2 midi inputs are recognized, both with the same name. AUM can also open and show each interface with a serial number like: “Midi-Link mini(1)” or “Midi-Link mini(2)”

  4. Actual Results
    If only one cable is connected (i tried with each one separately) cubasis 3 starts normally. If then I add the second midi-usb cable (the same type of cable, with the same name), it crashes. If the 2 cables are connected since the beginning, Cubasis 3 cannot open.

  5. Environment
    I initially tried with IOS 13 and the updated to 14 with the same results.

Hi phillix1,

Thank you for your message and report.

Please send me the crash report via private message, to allow me sharing it with our engineers.
Here, please make sure to add the original bug report too.

Once available, there is a good chance to see the problem resolved.

Thanks in advance,

Hi. I have the latest Cubasis 3 3.2 running on iOS 14.2 and I still have the same exact problem as OP. Cubasis 2 works fine, Cubasis 3 crashes.
I would love to send a crash report if it helps. How can I send one?

Hi qdr1789,

I would love to send a crash report if it helps. How can I send one?

If possible, add a short step description that leads to the crash as well.
Please share the information with us via private message (which also allows file uploads).

Hope that helps!