Cubasis 3.2, new Waves IAPs and Xmas Sale available

Dear all,

First of all, I hope you and yours are up and well during these times.

Today we’re glad to announce the immediate availability of Cubasis 3.2 for iOS and Android, and the new Waves in-app purchases for iOS.

Cubasis 3.2 is our biggest performance update to date, includes two new exclusive Waves plug-in IAPs for iOS, keyboard shortcuts and mouse support, multicore-rendering and improved Audio Unit performance and much more.

Alongside, the new version includes more than 45 improvements (actually close to 60) to user-reported issues.

Special offers with 30% off Cubasis 3.2 and 50% off selected in-app purchases are available from December 21, 2020, until January 11, 2021.

If you like Cubasis, please support us by rating this app on the App Store and Google Play.

We wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Enjoy making music
& stay safe and sound!


What’s New in Cubasis 3.2

Cubasis is one of the fastest, most intuitive audio and MIDI DAWs available for mobile devices. Enjoy our biggest performance upgrade to date with Cubasis 3.2. Be inspired by the exclusive, pro-grade Waves plug-ins. Speed up your workflow with simple keyboard shortcuts, mouse support included. Create perfect-sounding songs, using many more third-party Audio Unit plug-ins in a single project than ever before… and much more. Simply put, Cubasis lets you focus on your music, while letting the software perform best on your chosen device.

If you like Cubasis, please support us by rating this app on the App Store and Google Play!

・Keyboard shortcut and mouse support
Cubasis is known for incomparable usability when it comes to touch operation. But it doesn’t stop there. Prefer using a keyboard alongside your device instead? Perfect! Speed up your workflow with simple keyboard shortcuts to record, play, navigate, edit and more, creating great tracks at lightning speed. Cubase shortcuts and mouse support are included.

・Waves meets Cubasis. Chapter II.
After successfully partnering with Steinberg for their 25th Anniversary plug-in bundle a few years ago, Waves — the world’s leading manufacturer of award-winning effects processors — once more teams up with us for their highly acclaimed Waves Tune Real-Time and H-Delay plug-ins, available exclusively through in-app purchase in Cubasis on iOS.

・Waves Tune Real-Time IAP
Your ultimate real-time pitch correction tool for vocals. A dream tool that helps vocalists stay in tune while singing, feel confident, and focus on the emotion of their performance. Waves Tune Real-Time provides smooth, natural-sounding vocal pitch correction, instantly and automatically. And it’s exclusively available through Cubasis in-app purchase on iOS.

・Waves H-Delay now included in Waves Plug-in Bundle IAP
From classic old school PCM42-style effects like filtering, flanging and phasing, to slap-back echo, ping-pong delay and tempo-sync with modulation, H-Delay delivers the goods. Controlled by a super-intuitive interface that lets you get straight down to business, it is exclusively available in the Waves Plug-in Bundle IAP, including a free update for existing users!

・Multicore-rendering and improved Audio Unit performance
Create your music without limits. Cubasis gives you the freedom to use many more third-party Audio Unit instruments and effects plug-ins simultaneously than ever before. Multicore rendering support exploits the potential of newer devices to their utmost. What does this all mean for you? Simply focus on your song, and let Cubasis do the rest.

・45+ improvements
Cubasis is always at your side, providing you with the best possible user experience, the highest performance and rock-solid stability when capturing your inspiration. As well as all the great new features, Cubasis 3.2 provides many more user-requested improvements and fixes throughout the application.

Important Note:
When using Audio Unit plug-ins with Cubasis 3.2, we strongly recommend that you update your iPhone and iPad devices to iOS/iPadOS 14.2, which resolves several Audio Unit-related problems.

*Since the available features of Cubasis for iOS and Android differ, some of the new features and/or improvements listed, may affect Cubasis for iOS only.


What has been improved and resolved in Cubasis 3.2

More New Features in 3.2
CBT-1593 New 32-bit rate project setup option added for mixdown and recording.
CBT-1705 Engine buffering and multicore rendering support on iOS.
CBT-2041 New Arranger Zoom Panel (can be toggled in setup).
CBT-2045 Microsonic and MiniSampler polyphony value can now be set to 1.
CBT-2084 Two additional higher device latency values added to setup.

Inspector, Track list, Arrange Window & Mixer
CBT-117 Follow playhead mode now works as expected.
CBT-281 Using the split tool no longer leads to unwanted volume increase and distortion.
CBT-822 The color status of a frozen MIDI track is now properly updated, when unfreezing the track.
CBT-2166 The inspector panels of frozen tracks are no longer editable.
CBT-1225 Follow playhead mode no longer loses its active state, when reaching the right locator.
CBT-2133 Skip button appears when loading a project, which contains an AU plug-in that takes more than average to load.
CBT-2170 Resolves a naming convention problem when editing events in the arranger.
CBT-1744 New loading bar added for projects that are loaded at app launch.
CBT-1795 Imported MIDI events are no longer renamed to the name of the instrument.
CBT-1907 Global monitoring button is no longer highlighted if there are no tracks available.
CBT-1950 New popup added which lists the app names, when loading a project which contain missing plug-ins.
CBT-1979 A MIDI event which has not been renamed, remains to be named after the instrument.
CBT-1980 The name of a MIDI track which is assigned to Microsonic, will no longer be overwritten when loading a new preset.
CBT-2082 Backups are now properly loaded if a project file is damaged
CBT-2097 Currently loaded AU instruments are no longer replaced, when importing MIDI drum loops from the factory library.
CBT-2113 Misleading popup message after app launch no longer appears, when “Load empty project on next app launch” iOS option has been enabled.
CBT-2115 Resolves a problem where folders are opened when scrolling the automation editor parameter list.
CBT-2207 Freezing a track no longer leads to a resulting audio track with enabled send effects.
CBT-2229 Solves a problem, where tapping on an insert plug-in no longer opens the user interface after effects reordering.
CBT-2289 Resolves a problem, where the project loading popup can appear delayed if the previous project contains many third party apps.
CBT-2294 The MIDI track name is named after the instruments name, as long as it hasn’t been manually renamed by the user.

CBT-1978 Creating a Micrologue ARP preset using the default settings now works as expected.
CBT-999 Micrologue on/off switch state is now properly saved in user presets.
CBT-1178 Resolves various issues, where the Micrologue controls does not match to current preset settings.
CBT-1269 Fixes a problem, where the current effects state of Microlgue is not properly shown.
CBT-2002 Micrologue instrument settings are now properly saved and recalled.
CBT-2070 Tapping a Micrologue knob or switch no longer leads to the knob or switch jumping back.
CBT-2129 The instrument preset list back arrow no longer fails to work after resizing the view.
CBT-2174 Revised Microsonic and MiniSampler attack and release sliders.

Audio Unit
CBT-1218 Resolves a problem, where Audio Unit plug-ins still use DSP while being disabled.
CBT-1599 Recording MIDI from 3rd party AU apps such as Velocity Keyboard now works as expected.
CBT-1656 Improved performance when using Audio Unit plug-ins with high CPU utilisation.
CBT-1737 Improved behaviour when loading projects which contain many Audio Unit plug-ins.
CBT-2080 Tempo sync of FabFilter Saturator 2 and Cubasis now works as expected.
CBT-2120 Resolves various issues, where loading Audio Unit plug-ins can render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2125 Fixes a problem where the “Audio Unit not found” popup remains visible, while other plug-ins are loading.
CBT-2150 Resolves a rare problem, where loading projects that contain a large number of Audio Unit plug-ins with high CPU utilisation can render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2167 Adding an insert effect after a MIDI effect no longer leads to preset selection being ignored.

Real-time time-stretch and pitch-shifting
CBT-610 Various élastique time-stretch and pitch-shift optimisations and improvements.
CBT-1152 Resolves various issues where the use of time-stretch and pitch-shift results in maximum DSP peak.
CBT-612 Addresses several problems where cycle playback of time-stretched audio events can lead to crackling.

MIDI Editor
CBT-739 Follow playhead mode now works as expected in the MIDI editor.
CBT-754 Various MIDI editor zooming improvements.
CBT-1345 Auto-zoom now behaves as expected, when opening a MIDI event in the editor.
CBT-2111 The MIDI editor now properly remembers the zoom level per event.
CBT-2295 Follow playhead gets disabled in the MIDI editor when scrolling or zooming.

CBT-696 It is no longer possible to accidentally move a project to the factory demos folder.
CBT-1136 Revised share and import popups.
CBT-2085 New projects are now properly saved into current sub folder of projects folder.
CBT-2142 Importing a zip file which contains a project file in a folder now works as expected.
CBT-2161 When move mode is enabled, various buttons which functions are currently unavailable are now disabled.

CBT-1671 Improved popup behaviour and reworked design.
CBT-2107 “Load empty project on next app launch” iOS setting now works as expected.
CBT-1840 The playback of in-app shop demos no longer continues, when switching to other in-app shop pages.

Issues that affect Cubasis for Android only
CBT-2027 Audio output device selection added to setup.
CBT-1757 Addresses an issue, where connecting an audio device could lead to playback problems.
CBT-2023 Fixes a problem, where Cubasis on Android can render unreliable during app launch.
CBT-2127 Fixes a problem, where stopping the playback can randomly render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2189 Resolves a problem, where Google accidentally refunds the Micrologue ARP IAP after successful purchase.
CBT-2209 Resolves an issue, where MiniSampler fails to read 32-bit WAV files.

*Since the available features of Cubasis for iOS and Android differ, some of the new features and/or improvements listed, may affect Cubasis for iOS only.


Cubasis Xmas Sale (Dec 21, 2020 to January 11, 2021)

Special offers with 30% off Cubasis 3.2 and 50% off selected in-app purchases are available from December 21, 2020, until January 11, 2021.

・Cubasis 3 $33.99/37.99€ (Reg. $49.99/54.99€)
・Cubasis 2 $15.99/17.99€ (Reg. $23.99/26.99€)

Cubasis In-App Purchases
・Waves Plug-in Bundle IAP $9.99/10.99€ (Reg. $19.99/21.99€)
・Classic Machines IAP $2.99/3.99€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)
・Micrologue ARP IAP $1.99/2.29€ (Reg. $4.99/5.49€)
・FX Pack 1 IAP $2.99/3.99€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)
・FX Pack 2 IAP $2.99/3.99€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)

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How to record killer vocals with the new Waves Tune RT plug-in in Cubasis.


After the update to 3.2 all the projects are popping and glitching with Auv3

Audio Engine Latency FEEDBACK

I realised the issue is directly related to the “Audio Engine Latency ” option. Switching OFF “Prevents crackling” and leaving the option as “Multi-core Rendering disabled: OFF” fixes the cracking issue.

(iPad Air 3, iOS 14.3)

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Since I’ve updated I’ve noticed lots of clicks/pops with just Micrologue, particularly when tweaking sounds via ADSR, cutoff filter etc…

Probably related but random keyboard latency too (as in delay between playing keyboard & hearing the sound). If I change the preset being used, then go back to where it was the latency is gone.

So a few bugs perhaps? None of this happened prior to update.

(for info, iPad Pro 9.7”, iOS 14.2)

Great news and nice to have the 3.2 update just before Christmas. I love Cubasis 2 & 3. Working on a cover remake “Love Pains” in Cubasis 3 at the moment, see the clips on my dwprecords Instagram page. Thanks Lars and the Cubasis team.

Hi David_AU,

Thanks for your kind words.
We’re very glad to read that you seem to enjoy using the update!

Stay healthy,

Thank you Lars for the latest update.
I have used Cub 2 for many years and Cub 3 since launch.
I still use them both.
I purchased IAP Waves Real Tune for Cub 3.
Will there be another charge when I install Waves Real Tune on Cub 2?

Thanks for the update - it was a nice surprise to get the new delay added from the previous bundle purchase! I will likely get the Real Tune soon!

Thank you for sharing about turning Audio Engine Latency to “OFF” to prevent Cubasis from popping and glitching with Auv3’s!


Hi rtmusic,

Thanks to Waves for allowing us, to freely included the classic H-Delay to the existing Waves Bundle.

Enjoy the new update & stay well!


My audio units not found after the update… any answers?

Hi @Zhek,

We are unaware of issues in this regard.
Are you able to upload/share a short clip with us, that shows the problem?

Best wishes,

I just purchased an ipad pro w magic keyboard an reinstalled Cubasis 3 and it\s really awesome, BUT sometimes the shortcuts doesn’t work…it seems like it needs a touch on the screen to update before it works again…just saying!

And by the way…in the keyboard shortcuts setup, all the commands that uses cmd button, is written as ctrl button. I found it a bit confusing at first!