Cubasis 3.2 on UR22C

I have a Steinberg UR22C interface. I plug an electric guitar into input 2 of this device as only input 2 supports Hi-Z / high impedance signals.

This setup works absolutely fine on Cubase on the PC.

Unfortunately, on Android Cubasis, I can only record the guitar on input 2 when the track input is configured as stereo. The recording only affects the right channel. This is regardless of the mono switch on the UR22C; as soon as the track is configured to mono in Cubasis, no signal is detected at all.
If I plug the guitar into input 1, everything works as expected, but the signal is too quiet as input 1 does not support Hi-Z. Sure, I can increase the gain but that will also increase noise.

Is this an incompatibility between the two Steinberg products or is it user error?

I guess it’s more of a Cubasis on android limitation. Left - mono, left and right - stereo.

What happens if you turn the loopback on and set it to voice chat mode?
I haven’t tried it though.

Thanks for your suggestion @misohoza
The only way I think this can be configuredin Cubasis3.2/Android is via “Settings” - “Audio” - “Play audio tracks while recording”. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to help :frowning:

If anyone else has this problem, it can be solved by using a DI box (I use the Behringer GI-100) to convert your instrument’s high impedance output into a low impedance signal.
All the best