Cubasis 3.3.3 / IPAD Pro/ Bluetooth

Put simply, Cubasis is completely non-functional on my (new) 12.9 Ipad Pro IOS 15 when I use bluetooth headphones. This has been discussed below, but it took me a while to find it the thread, and it is such a showstopper it needs to be flagged.

In detail, I installed Cubasis 3.3.3 on my brand new IPad Pro. There is no headphone jack on this IPAD, I used bluetooth headphones. Even with the simplest of all setups, a single looped MIDI track using the default piano, I found the following:

  • metronome running very slow
  • metronome running when switched off and playout stopped
  • metronome beats every few seconds (at 120bpm)
  • playour of midi notes erratic, missed notes, note pileups at the end of a loop
  • freezing during playout
  • app crashes

I tried a lot of things before I discovering that all I had to do was disconnect the headphones (multiple pairs tried) and Cubasis worked fine.

I was about to ask for a refund, but luckily I now have a fix (no headphones) and I have ordered a USB-C audio jack as an interim solution.

I do hope this is fixable. It makes a very bad impression indeed.


Hi @user255,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please use the following steps to use Cubasis 3 with the AirPods Pro:

  • Please connect your Bluetooth headphones to the iPad
  • Launch Cubasis and go to Setup/Audio and enable “Bluetooth / AirPlay” by tapping the corresponding button

If the problem persists, please go to Setup/Project and choose (or reselect) the matching sample rate of your project.

On a side note:
Please note that connecting wireless headphones bring lots of system-related latency (unrelated to Cubasis), which will make it almost impossible to record instruments in real-time.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,