Cubasis 3.4.1 freeze/mixdown issue!

Hello, I am trying to setup my Cubasis live performance projects and I found an issue I cannot fix.

What I did is I created an audio track with my metronome in Cubase Pro 11/12. (what I mean by 11/12 is that I’ve tried with both).
When I import this audio track into a Cubasis project at the same tempo, let’s say 150bpm. This audio file goes out of sync with the grid of Cubasis.

Now, I tested a workaround by chopping a single click of my audio event and copy/paste until I fill the range I need for my track. This works but has a flaw too, since this big chopped event visually is very difficult to see anything inside the event when zoomed out, I wanted to make a full event out of it so I can see the waveforms at a glance.

Audio events cannot be “glued” so my best option is to freeze or mixdown the track.

The problem is the frozen or mixdown track goes out of sync with the original chopped track. I have tried EVERYTHING, every option, real time bounce, changed buffer, restarted my ipad pro, tried the tail option on and off, etc… I am running out of ideas and I am starting to think this is actually an issue with the software.

I am including a few screenshots and the procedure to reproduce is as follows:

1.- Create a 150bpm click track in Cubase Pro (or wherever) for example @48k24bit.
2.- Import the audio track in Cubasis 3.4.1 into a project with the same 48k24bit and 150bpm.
3.- Zoom the audio event and see how it is out of sync with the grid.


1.- Inside Cubasis chop a single click from the click track created previously and make sure you quantize it with Cubasis grid.
2.- Copy/Paste this single event for example until bar 180.
3.- Freeze or Mixdown this copy/pasted event
4.- Zoom and check the new event for discrepancies in sync with the original.

You will see not only the events go out of sync, but also you will see some waveforms are even different. They should be exactly the same and be in the same spot but it is not.

As a reference I am using Ipad Pro (ML0T2X/A) iOS 15.4, Cubasis 3.4.1 and I am not using any inserts on any of my tracks. I deliberately empty all inserts/sends even if they were turned off.

Please, I need help with this since I am trying to use this for a live tour and I cannot use this at this state.


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On the pictures I provided you can see the first audio right at the begining of the project seem to be frozen correctly and at the correct spot.

The moment I move to bar 2, you can see the waveform is not the same. The same thing happens at bar 182. The initial transient is different and slightly delayed. And finally you can see at the end of the track, the frozen/mixed down event is shorter than the original.

The big problem with this is I am trying to sync and audio metronome track with some other audio tracks. When rehearsing today I was worried I was going out of time, but then I checked by zooming and I found this issue.

As an additional note, I would like to say those audios I am using inside Cubasis are perfectly aligned in Cubase Pro 12.


I have also tried to null test another file I created and mixed down and it doesn’t null. It actually sounds phasey as it is misaligned with the original. Tested on Cubasis for iphone too.

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face: I just would like to say that i have the same kind of microtiming issues on iPhone.

One day i spent maybe 2 hours chopping an audio track that had audible and visible clicks, i was locating them on the waveform, cutting them and applying tiny volume fades. Once i froze the track i realized there was a few milliseconds of delay/latency and that made all my work useless because the cuts and fades were offset, even without any plugin in the project…

I wanted to create a post about it but i couldn’t reproduce the issue, so i was wondering if this was a bug that just happens sometimes…

I think Cubasis misses an audio latency compensation, i usually have to re-align frozen tracks to get perfect timing. There are workarounds but i think these are major issues to be adressed. :v:

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Thanks for sharing, this is a major issue in my opinion. I need a piece of software that’s reliable to play live and this is something I don’t understand it wasn’t found during beta testing. I hope this gets addressed asap, but I am afraid I will need to find alternatives because I doubt this gets fixed before my tour.

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After a lot of trial and error, I find the problem is in the project itself. There’s something wrong with some projects I have where the audio click track goes out of sync. The thing is I just created an audio click file in Cubase Pro 12, imported it into my project and it goes out of sync. If I make a new project and import the same file, it doesn’t go out of sync. Not sure if this is good or bad.

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I think this sync problem happens when the audio events start at bar 1. If you move your events to bar 2. Would love to see someone from support to speak to me tbh…

Hi @glainin,

Thank you for your report which has been shared with our team.

So far, we are unable to reproduce the problem ourselves.

If you still encounter the issue, please share more information with us.

Ideally, please provide a project with further instructions, to allow our engineers to reproduce the issue. Please upload the requested files via Dropbox or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.

Thanks in advance!

Stay safe,

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Thanks Lars, sending you the project right away.

Hi @glainin,

Thank you for sharing the project and additional information with me.
Shared all of this with the team.

Stay safe,