Cubasis 3.4.1 UI issue (trouble resizing clips) iOS/iPhone

Hi :sweat_smile:

I sometimes have trouble trying to resize audio and MIDI clips and i realized (by capturing the following video) that it cannot be done at the 2nd zoom level … but we can still touch the grey squares so it’s confusing :

It’s a minor issue but that can be frustrating because vertical zoom isn’t intuitive in Cubasis :grimacing: i hope this will be considered for a better feeling using the app. :v:

I find to work better if I hold the finger on the corner of the event for 1 second before trying to resize, but never tried with different zoom scales.

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Hi @electrafa,

Thanks for your message.

I gave the issue a short check on the iPhone X where things work as expected so far. Did you check out the tipp from @glainin and is it of help?

In addition: Please note that “pinch to zoom” via your thumb and index finger can also be used to quickly zoom in/out in the Arrange Window.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe,

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