Cubasis 3.4.2 behavior on an Android phone

Hello, I wanted to ask if it’s normal that the DSP indicator on an android phone with a Snapdragon 720G processor jumps like crazy when loading even one Micrologue plugin track and playing an ARP sound? On an Iphone the performance metrics are very stable and barely move… Snapdragon 720G is not the weakest processor. Of course there is no comparison to the A13 Bionic but it should be a bit better in Cubasis. I have all background apps disabled on the phone and the internet turned off. When I have WIFI active it is already a tragedy. All settings in Cubasis are set to standard…

Hi @Tony_ST,

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Please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis for Android performance article:

Hope that helps to resolve your current issue.

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Thank you! :grin::+1:

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