Cubasis 3 4 3 doesn't works at all. All dissapeared

Hi. Today my Cubasis v 343 has everything failed. No one of the buttons or controls works, all media, all songs are gone! It’s empty ! I’ve restarted my iPad air and the big issue/problem persists. So, Steinberg i need help.

If cubasis has an error/bug in reading directories your projects n other media might still be there
Use an file explorer to see if the project files etc are still in their designated folders

Then at least you have an indication if your media is still saveable.

Hi @Carlos_mas_Gonzalez,

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Please give the following steps a try:

  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis.
  • Go to the “iPad settings”.
  • Scroll down the list to the left until you see the “Cubasis 3” app icon.
  • Tap the “Cubasis 3” app icon and enable the “Load empty project on next app launch” reset option.

Please let me know if this helps to resolve the problem.


Before reading your post, i have had the bad idea of reinstalling the app. Now, Cubasis is working again, but i’ve Lost all my proyects and all my purchases: waves, arpeggiator and classics drum boxes. I suppose that these purchases could be reinstalled or refreshed, no?

Hi @Carlos_mas_Gonzalez,

Thanks for your message.

To restore your in-app purchases, simply open the in-app store and tap the “Restore Purchases” button located top right.

Hope that helps!

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