Cubasis 3.4.3 for Droid. Can I see a TIME Ruler?

Hello. I have been using Cubasis 3.4.3 on my Samsung tablet as a mobile playback device to check mixes in my car. It appears there is no way to see the minutes seconds. Neither as a ruler or any sort of time display.

The only thing I see is the bars ruler, and I don’t seem able to change that to show seconds.

Am I missing a setting? Or does Cubasis really not have a way to see the time?


Hi all. I ended up contacting Steinberg support. They wrote:

Hi, Mark.

We could only test here on an iPad and found there is no setting to view with a timing ruler, same result you had found. The Forums are moderated by the developers and, though it has already been almost 2 weeks (!), this would be the best place for them or another user with the Android version to confirm this feature. I am sorry for the headache

I would assume that if the iPad version doesn’t have it, then the Droid doesn’t. If anyone knows otherwise, please chime in!


I accidentally found how to see the time. Click on the measures counter and it changes to time.

It’s not a time ruler, but a clock. Good enough for now.