Cubasis 3.4.3 has no real MPE support

1. Summary/Title
In short, when I record MPE, there is no per-note expression recorded.

2. Description
Using ROLI Noise and a ROLI Seaboard Block, I was able to use a track with an audio unit to play sound as expected, for example, if I play two notes, and pitch bend one down and one up, the notes move independently in the audio monitoring.

I recorded this, and

3. Expected Results

  • The MIDI playback contains the same per-note pitch bends as I input, and as I heard when monitoring.
  • The note editor allows editing of the note expression data on a per-note basis.
  • Moving a note in the timeline moves its expression data with it.

4. Actual Results

  • The playback only records the expression data from the most recently input note, and sounds terrible as a result :frowning:
  • The note editor only has one line of expression editing, and no per-note expression functionality at all.
  • Moving the note in the timeline leaves the expression data behind.

5. Environment
Latest ROLI Noise, Cubasis 3.4.3, iPadOS 15

I’ve refunded Cubasis 3 and purchased MultiTrackStudio for iOS instead, because it uses MIDI 2.0 as its storage format and behaves perfectly with regards to MPE recordings.

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Replying to see if this was a Cubasis 3 issue and if so if there is a fix coming or just a fluke

I realised that Cubasis also has arbitrary limits on things like time stretching which limit experimentation, and it’s really difficult to freeze an audio clip to the media bay after editing for use in a new track, so it’s really just not good yet for actual manipulation of either individual audio clips or MIDI notes :frowning:

Hi @gzalyu,

Thanks for your message.

We are unaware about real-time time-stretch issues with Cubasis. You may check out the following tutorial provided by our friend Jakob Haq quite a while ago: CUBASIS 2 Time-strech │ Remix with ease - haQ attaQ 176 - YouTube. While Jakob did use Cubasis 2 here, the basic steps are similar with Cubasis 3.

These are the steps to save a frozen audio clip to the Media Bay:
1 - Double tap the audio file to open it in the audio editor
2 -Tap the “TO MEDIA” button in the tools menu of the audio editor

Follow the on-screen instructions…

Hope that helps!



The problem with audio stretch is that it maxes out at 997% of the original length, which I presume is a limit of 1000% that is quantising somewhere. 10x length is a very small limit for stretching, and why is there an arbitrary limit anyway?

I then tried to get around that by saving the file to the media bay, but it saves the unstretched file instead of the edited audio.

You can see both problems in this screenshot. The first track is me stretching the clip as far as the UI would let me; the second is me having followed those instructions precisely and dragging the result from the media bay to a new track:

Don’t know but it could be something related to the Elastique Libraries being used?
Workaround for now would be to freeze and stretch the frozen audio until it’s long enough.

Another option is to get the free AUv3 version PaulXStretch and use it for extreme stretching?