Cubasis 3.4.3 has no real MPE support

1. Summary/Title
In short, when I record MPE, there is no per-note expression recorded.

2. Description
Using ROLI Noise and a ROLI Seaboard Block, I was able to use a track with an audio unit to play sound as expected, for example, if I play two notes, and pitch bend one down and one up, the notes move independently in the audio monitoring.

I recorded this, and

3. Expected Results

  • The MIDI playback contains the same per-note pitch bends as I input, and as I heard when monitoring.
  • The note editor allows editing of the note expression data on a per-note basis.
  • Moving a note in the timeline moves its expression data with it.

4. Actual Results

  • The playback only records the expression data from the most recently input note, and sounds terrible as a result :frowning:
  • The note editor only has one line of expression editing, and no per-note expression functionality at all.
  • Moving the note in the timeline leaves the expression data behind.

5. Environment
Latest ROLI Noise, Cubasis 3.4.3, iPadOS 15

I’ve refunded Cubasis 3 and purchased MultiTrackStudio for iOS instead, because it uses MIDI 2.0 as its storage format and behaves perfectly with regards to MPE recordings.

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