Cubasis 3.4 Crashing

Hi! since the 3.4 update my projects keeps crashing. Simple things like zooming in a track, Freezing a track or just opening a track. I had no problems before the update.

I am using the M1 ipad pro 12.9 512GB.
Same problem using wired headphones, or while connected to my Focusrite interface.

I have all the latest updates and ive rebooted everything several times.

Thanks in advancde.

Hi @Daniel_Anghede,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!
We are sorry to read about your crash problems.

Please give these steps a first check:
(1) Load the “New Project” template
(2) Close all apps, including Cubasis
(3) Fully shut down the iPad

Does this helps to immediately resolve the problem?

Best wishes,

Hi Lars and thank you!
I tried the steps you meantioned and it did not solve my issue.
I am trying different projects and it keeps crashing once every 2-3 minutes. Just to zooom
in on a track is enough to cause a crash:(

Its not the cpu, i am using around 5% on both CPU and DSP when i check the meter.

Hi @Daniel_Anghede,

Thanks for your updated message.
Please give it a try if increasing latency helps to solve the issue.

Thanks again,