Cubasis 3.4 export/import to Cubase 12 all jacked up

I got a great song going on cubasis 3.4 on my android phone. I purchased classic machines as well. I then export/import the cubasis project to cubase 12 (pc) and was excited everything transferred until I played it : ( My song sounds like crap. No drums were playing (made from classic machines) reverb and delay were constantly playing even after I pushed stop. All my time stretches reverted back to normal. What gives? I understand cubase doesn’t have classic machines but is there a way to get those instruments in there? Why all this mess with lost time stretching edits, instruments playing even after the stop button is pressed? This is totally unusable. Am I missing something here? Do I really need to freeze all the tracks then export? I would hate to do that just in case I need to make some tweaks to some instruments, fx’s etc… Anyway thanks for any input you may have.

Hi @speakerjunky,

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Please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis Project Importer article, which hopefully is of help for you:

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The ability to import Cubasis projects into Cubase was the main reason I bought Cubasis in the first place. However, the Project Importer is a real disaster. If a program is advertised as having certain features, I expect it to have those features. The Project Importer urgently needs an overhaul so that you can really import projects and continue working with them seamlessly.

It no longer works at all for me.

Hi @Doc_Brown,

Please make sure to check out our dedicated Cubasis Importer article, which is aimed to explain the options and limitations, when loading Cubasis projects with Cubase.

In addition, we recommend using Track Freeze to render MIDI tracks to audio of tracks, assigned tp dedicated instruments or effects which are unavailable in Cubase (such as the Classic Machines or 3rd party Audio Unit instruments etc.).

Hope that helps!