Cubasis 3.4 export/import to Cubase 12 all jacked up

I got a great song going on cubasis 3.4 on my android phone. I purchased classic machines as well. I then export/import the cubasis project to cubase 12 (pc) and was excited everything transferred until I played it : ( My song sounds like crap. No drums were playing (made from classic machines) reverb and delay were constantly playing even after I pushed stop. All my time stretches reverted back to normal. What gives? I understand cubase doesn’t have classic machines but is there a way to get those instruments in there? Why all this mess with lost time stretching edits, instruments playing even after the stop button is pressed? This is totally unusable. Am I missing something here? Do I really need to freeze all the tracks then export? I would hate to do that just in case I need to make some tweaks to some instruments, fx’s etc… Anyway thanks for any input you may have.

Hi @speakerjunky,

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Please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis Project Importer article, which hopefully is of help for you:

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