Cubasis 3.4 mid side decoding possible?

Hey, is it possible to decode mid side recordings somehow in Cubasis 3.4 on Android?

A little switch and a width knob in the channel strip FX would be awesome!

Hi @Medienstation,

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Unfortunately, Cubasis does not support mid side decoding.

Please find an overview about all included features on our Cubasis comparison page: Compare the Versions of Cubasis | Steinberg

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Thanks for the welcome :smile:

So perhaps we’ll see that in future version then - so amazing what’s already possible on a mobile phone today!

I was so blown away when I first saw version 3.2. It felt a little bit like in a scifi movie. Still remembering those Cubase VST days when every EQ or compressor was a strain on the CPU and you where lucky to get all 8 channels simultaneously on the big PC :laughing:


Hi @Medienstation,

Thanks for your message.

Indeed, it’s still unbelievable what’s possible today, compared to the VST or even Atari days… :slight_smile:

You might give our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial a check, where Dom Sigalas demonstrates the overall workflow of the app, while creating a full blown track:

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