Cubasis 3.5 loses the connection to the Korg Nanokontrol2 when the app loses focus

Issue Description:
Cubasis 3.5 encounters a problem where it loses connection with the MIDI controller (Korg Nano Kontrol 2) when the application is not in focus or when the device screen is turned off. This issue occurs after setting up MIDI profiles and is not resolved until manually reapplying the profile.

Steps to Reproduce:

Connect NanoKontrol2 to iPad 2021 running iOS 17.1.
Launch Cubasis 3.5.1.
Navigate to the MIDI learn option and create a new profile using the NanoKontrol2 preset with CC.
Establish a UA MIDI learn profile to connect the UI interface (play, record, faders, etc.).
Exit MIDI learn.
Test the connection; everything works as expected at this point.
Shift the app focus to the home screen, another app, or turn off the device screen.
Return to Cubasis 3.
The connection to the device port is lost.
Note: This bug persists whether using CC or Mackie for the setup.


After the connection with Cubasis UI is lost, the MIDI controller still correctly sends CC data to connected AUv3 apps hosted on Cubasis or external apps.
It is Cubasis the only one losing the port connection.

To Re-establish Connection:

Navigate to settings, MIDI learn.
Select a profile.
Apply the profile to the hardware port.
Connection is re-established.
However, the connection is lost again upon changing the app focus or turning off the screen.
Your insights and findings on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Make sure Background Audio is enabled and try again…

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Hi Samuel, thanks for sorting that out!

It seems to be working fine now. I’ll run some tests, but things are looking good for the moment. Appreciate it!

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