Cubasis 3.5 pinch to zoom stopped working

Hi Lars,
After updating Cubasis to v3.5 yesterday, I discovered the horizontal pinch to zoom had stopped working, the only way to zoom tracks in or out is by first playing around with the Vertical and Horizontal direction arrows in the bottom right zoom bar and then moving the bar. Another way is to momentarily open a different project then go back to the intended project, everything is fine after that. Cubasis3 can be opened and closed 3 or 4 times before the problem reoccurs.
There are many analytic logs generated since yesterday, perhaps they could shed some light on the situation, I can send them to you if required.
Regards Mike.

Hi @fixitmania53,

Thanks for your report.

If possible, please share some more information with us, to allow our engineering evaluating the problem. Once they are able to reproduce the issue, there is a good chance to see it fixed.

& stay safe,

Hi Lars,
Thanks for your quick response.
I am not sure what other information I can give you? I have just opened a new empty project, the screen was zoomed right out to maximum and it was not possible to zoom to a normal size or scroll the screen left or right. The vertical zooms works ok by pinching in the left column.
I had to open Media bay to select and open a different project which fixed the zoom problems, I re-launched the empty project and the zoom was working there too?
Please let me know what other information you require.
Best regards Mike

Hi @fixitmania53,

Ok, we have seen this one popping up in the AB forum as well!

Thanks again,

One thing to try here is to hit the ‘rewind’ button to get the playhead back to the beginning of the project after that the zoom works as expected?! (Tried this a couple of times and it seems to work?!).

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Hi there,
Thank you my friend, your suggestion works​:ok_hand::grinning:
Best regards Mike :beers:

Hi again Samuel,

I forgot to add, after hitting the rewind I have to move the bottom right zoom bar to the left before anything works, it seems this bar is locked in the maximum position :thinking: never mind, at least your method still works fine for me :ok_hand:
Best regards Mike

Hi @fixitmania53,

The issue will be resolved in the next update.

Glad to read that the workaround provided @Samuel_Lindeman (Thanks!) work out fine so far.

Stay safe,

Thanks Lars, that’s great news :+1:
Have a great day :beers:
regards Mike

Hi Lars,
Thanks for the multi-fix v3.5.1 update, your team has successfully resolved every one of my reported issues :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
Mike :beers: