Cubasis 3.6.5 shuts down unexpectedly (Solved)

Hi all , for some reason Cubasis 3.6.5 shuts down unexpectedly 1 - 2 seconds after I open it in my Xiaomi pad 5. Anyone experienced the same issue ?
In my phone (Xiaomi Redmi 12 pro) it works as expected.


Hi @stmad

Thanks for your message.
I suggest to give the following steps a try:
1 - Close all running apps, including Cubasis.
2 - Fully shut down your device (turn it to off).

Does Cubasis work as expected afterwards?


Hi @LSlowak

Thanks for your reply !
This fixed my issue!

Thank you

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Glad to read this… :slight_smile:
Enjoy using Cubasis @stmad!

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