Cubasis 3.6 / chromebook / sound card

Hello, I apologize in advance for my English - I use Google transfer.
I have had a Samplitude home studio for many years and it runs on win. Everything OK.
I just got a Cromebook and Cubase 3.6. for mobility, transfer to the rehearsal room and travel and the like.
I have a problem with the settings and selection of the sound card. I have a Scarlet 2i2 1gen, the inputs and outputs work as they should, but the card cannot be set on Cubase. I’m still only offered mic1 and speaker1 in the settings.
It is set correctly in the Notebook.
I’m mainly into recording guitar from a preamp, and the latency is horrible.
I would buy another cat (2i2 is already an older type) but I don’t know which one so that the result is not the same. I will be happy for some good solution. Thanks in advance.

Hi @pavel.feki

Thanks for your message.

Basically, the performance of Cubasis for Android/Chrombook is strongly related to the device in use.

Please take a look at the audio recording chapter of our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial (see link below), to learn how to use external audio devices with Cubasis.

In addition, Cubasis 3.6 adds a dedicated setup option, which hopefully helps improving with latency.

Hope that helps!


The new 4 gen Focusrite 2i2 already has Linux support, I will buy it and try it.