Cubasis 3.6 freezes/crashes when erasing audio and/or MIDI clip

Just had Cubasis crash/freeze when erasing a clip, multiple times, different projects. When restarting Cubasis after a force close, the clip has been successfully erased, and the project(s) are thankfully not corrupted. Seems to happen in very complex projects, and too random to document. Cubasis 3.6, iPad Air 5, ios 17.2. This happened infrequently in earlier versions of Cubasis, and now again in 3.6. The worst bug I’ve encountered in an otherwise solid app.

Hi @cubaser,

If you’re able to reproduce the issue it would be of great help for us to know the exact steps, to allow our engineering to evaluate the problem.

In addition, please share the crash report with me via private message, or try to attach it here.

We’re glad to read that apart from this Cubasis 3.6 runs stable for you.

Thanks again,