Cubasis 3.6 - NeoFM ARP question

Hello! Happy 3.6 user is here.
Please help me - I can’t find next things:

  • how to disable Arp in NeoFM. I like synth sound but can’t find how to disable ARP.
  • why can’t I diving in synth to play with Synth FM inside (I mean Op order, more parameters) ? It is normal behaviour or it is a “demo” mode? I even can’t change attack / decay / release / sustain parameters in some presets.

Also I can’t download Halion pack :

Quick update:

I downloaded Halion Library, and it sounds insanely cool :heart_eyes:

Hi @Roman_Che

Thanks for your message!

As of yet, the arpeggiator of HALion Sonic Selection and Neo FM can’t be disabled.

HSS Selection, Neo FM and FM Classics each include eight quick controls which change per preset, allowing to tweak the instrument’s sound quickly and easily.

Hope that helps!

Glad to read you’ve been able to resolve the HALion Sonic Selection content download issue!

We hope you will enjoy using the new instruments!!

Stay safe,


Thanks, LSlowak!

So huge library of the cool sounding instruments!
What about ARP in Halion - some ARP presets sounds cool, but I can’t even change notes sequence, then I can’t understand how can I use it even if it is impossible to change harmony for a song. It is cool as a demo of the Halion possibilities, but can’t imagine how and when I will find a way to use it in my track. But it is not a big problem at all, looking at this amount of the new instruments.

But. So huge library!
It is a really cool update! Thanks!

Hi @Roman_Che

Thanks for your message.

As of yet, the presets can only be tweaked via the quick controls.

Hope that helps!