Cubasis 3 and Yamaha Montage

Can anybody help please….

I’ve just installed Cubasis 3 on my new iPad , hooked up to my Yamaha montage.
The MIDI side works fine along with using the Montage in controller mode my problem is the USB audio side.

I’ve set up the montage correctly and this sends audio fine to garage band but nothing in Cubasis 3?

Cubasis shows the audio input options when I arm a new audio track but no signal - I’ve installed Audiobus and this sends the audio to Cubasis

Can anyone advise why Cubasis is not getting signal direct from the Montage

Thanks in advance


Hi @Jon_Scott,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please allow me to share two clips of our great Dom Sigalas, which are hopefully helpful to get you starte…

Stay safe
& enjoy making music,