Cubasis 3 android recover projects after reinstalling app


I’ve reinstalled the app, and now I can’t find my projects anymore. How can I recover them?
Please help, coz these projects are really important to me…

Hi @Ronald_Peter_Giel,

Thanks for your message.

Did you delete the app before reinstalling, without creating a backup of your data? If so, I’m afraid the files are lost unfortunately.

Best wishes,

Yeah, well, on my PC I always back up, but somehow I never thought of that on my phone. I have it backing up to my Google drive, and probably assumed that would be sufficient. But I’ll have to do that separately, when in it comes to cubasis. Maybe a suggestion for the next version: built in backup system that gives you the option to connect cubasis to Google drive or similar when you install it. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement. For now I have to deal with the loss… I’m still checking out some file recovery software, but I fear that won’t work either.

Anyway thanks for you reply

Hi @Ronald_Peter_Giel,

We introduced a new storage location with Cubasis 3.3.2 to comply with Google’s mandatory new storage requirements.

Do your remember to having followed the pop-up guided procedure? In that case, there might be a small chance that your files are still there (if you did not manually deleted the folder).

Please learn more about this, in “Android storage location” section of the “MediaBay” chapter of the in-app help: MediaBay