Cubasis 3 Audio Click Track

During this lockdown period, I’m interested in collaboration with other musicians by allowing them to record their individual vocal or instrumental track at home using their phones. I send them all a basic MP3 track, with click, and they send their tracks back to me, which I then mix back in. On the basic MP3 track, I need to create an audio click. What is the simplest way to create an audio click track in Cubasis 3? Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Hi DonB,

Would do it like this:

  • Create a MIDI track and assign it to a drum instrument (e.g. MicroSonic or MiniSampler, having a drum preset loaded)
  • (A) Use the MIDI keyboard to record a short click track
  • (B) Create a MIDI event and draw the MIDI notes via using the “Draw” tool
  • Copy the MIDI event to the length of your song
  • Use “TrackFreeze” to convert the MIDI part into an audio event

It reads more complicated than it is, and should take only a few minutes.

Additional tips:

  • In the “Setup” you will find additional options, how “TrackFreeze” should behave when unfreezing tracks afterwards
  • The “Mixdown” section in the “MediaBay” allows to easily create separated audio files, to be shared with your fellow musicians

Please let me know if this helps.


Thanks, Lars! Your suggestion definitely helped, and I created the audio click track in my project.

I had assumed that there was a feature in Cubasis, similar to Cubase, where one could create a click track ( See ) Maybe something for a future Cubasis release?

Thanks, again.

Hi DonB,

Thank you for the update, glad to hear your set.

Cubasis is designed to support musicians with an easy understandable and lightweight app where possible, to quickly capture ideas and master them to perfection on mobile devices. It is not intended or designed to offer the same features of Cubase, which has a different approach in many ways.

Hope that makes sense to you.