Cubasis 3 : Automation curves are messy, and barely usable

In Cubasis 3.x, why pitch bend curve drawing is so messy ?

Each point is made of a messy vertical group of crosses.

It becomes even messier, if you try to edit the curve : YOUTUBE video number jpWVNFz0zE4

It’s basically unusable :frowning:

Any clue ?



Hi @Tessph,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Actually, the clip shows that you are using the MIDI CC editor instead of automation.

Please note that this editor comes with its own tool bar, including a grid setting which determines, how events will be set in the grid (in your example, it is set to 1/16).

Please have a look at our dedicated Automation and MIDI CC editor tutorial to learn more about the workflow concept of both editors.

While this tutorial has been created using Cubasis 2 back then, the basic concept and workflow is similar to Cubasis 3.

Please let me know if this helps!

& stay well,

Hello Lars,

Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately it doesn’t help.

You are right : I’m using Midi CC editor to control pitch, not automation.

My problem is not with the number of keypoints horizontally- 16 in my example.

The problem is to have each keypoint a vertical “stack” of many crosses, instead of 1 cross.

Please see attached screenshot to see what I’m describing. Does this clarifies my issue ?

So, is there anyway to contrain Cubasis to allow only 1 cross per keypoint ? Or even to hide the crosses, and only to interact with the vertical bluebars ?

Thank you in advance for your insights,


Hi Lars & fellows

To clarify the issue, here is another video comparing the smooth Automation curve editing
VS MIDI cc curve editing .

Don’t you think that MIDI cc curve editing behaves strangely ?

To me - and other people I showed this - it definitely looks like a bug.

Would you please share this video with your colleagues to also gather their opinion ?

Thank you in advance for your feedback,


Still no reaction about this ?

This issue pisses me off too. I have the same problem.

Give us an answer!!

Another thread on this @LSlowak

Original thread: Bug in MIDI CC curve editing? - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums

Hi all,

We hope to be able to resolve the problem in an upcoming maintenance update.
As of yet, I have no further information about this.