Cubasis 3 bug please fix

Hello, I’ve been working on a project for college and I got a glitch where a note of one midi instrument keeps “note on” even though I pause the project.

Also a lot of the time when I loop, I no sound come after the beginning of the look despite every notes is quantized and I assure that because the loop sounds good at the start but after some cycles, the first varios of midi notes don’t get played.


I have similar problems with stuck notes on both certain built in instruments and auv3s.
The best thing to do is to quickly start / stop the music again. This resends a bunch of MIDI commands for ‘all notes off’ etc…

If you want something more exotic then I wrote a Mozaic script to send the same sequence of MIDI commands that Cubasis does, but with a slight delay.
This clears up hanging notes in the situation you describe.
The script is at:

Hi @stevenpule21,

Are you able to share the steps with us to reproduce the issue?

Furthermore, please check out our global “MIDI Panic” button (located in the “Routing” tab in the “Inspector”), to stop unwanted MIDI notes from playing.

In addition, please let us have a short clip which shows the steps leading to the “no sound loop” issue.