Cubasis 3 compare to Cubasis 2 questions


Before buy Cubasis 3, I need to make sure some points.
Is Cubasis 3 offer better overall performances compare to Cubasis 2 using Ipad mini 4 (theoretically…)…?
In Cubasis 3, we can still use inter app and audio unit plugins, the same way as it is in Cubasis 2…?
Is there Ableton link in Cubasis 3…?

Thank you,

Hi arakatak,

Thank you for your message.

Please find the Cubasis 3 features listed here:

Unfortunately we do not have performance test results available.
While Ableton Link is not yet supported, of course we do support IAA, AU and Audiobus with Cubasis 3.


Hi Lars,

Thanks for your answer, I didn’t found previously, (before my first post…) features comparison between Cubasis 2 and 3, because, according to your answer, there is none…that’s why I’m asking into the forum dedicated to Cubasis 3… In the link you shared, you compare Cubasis 3 and Cubase LE 3 and list Cubasis 3 features… I’m too lazy to list features of Cubasis 2/3 and make the comparison by myself, perhaps I will search more somewhere else on the web…Btw, thanks again for your answer.


Hi Rodolphe,

Thanks for your message.

Basically, the new features section tells you about the main differences between both apps:

New in Cubasis 3: A brand new Cubasis

Hope that helps!