Cubasis 3 continuously crashing

I purchased Cubasis 3.2 one month ago. I am starting to using it just now but it crashes continuously on my iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) with iOS 14.1. I can use a lot of other music apps (Korg Module, GeoShred, Model D, AUM, etc.) with no issues. Not so with Cubasis when using other instruments or effects (AU or IAA doesn’t matter). Problems usually start with increasing delay (latency) and then the app crashes. I have tried connecting the iPad to different midi keyboards and audio interfaces but the result is always the same. I cannot use the app so please help me otherwise I will need a refund.

Apologies, I just noted the “how to report a Cubasis 3 problem thread” so:

1. Summary/Title
Cubasis 3 continuously crashing when using AU or IAA modules (i.e. Korg Module, Model D, etc.)

2. Description
Cubasis starts responding slower and slower to external Midi (as if latency was constatnly increasing) and then crashes. Sometimes it crashes abruptly with no slowing down.

3. Expected Results
I expect it to work!

4. Actual Results
It crashes

5. Environment
Cubasis 3.2, Ipad 10.5 (2017) iOS 14.1

Hi gaetano.mazzanti,

Welcome to the forum & thanks for your report.
We are sorry to read that you have issues using Cubasis.

Please check the following steps:

  • Load an empty project
  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis
  • Shut down the iPad

Are you able to encounter the problems with Cubasis after having restarting the iPad?

& stay well,