Cubasis 3 crash at startup iOS 13.7

1. Cubasis 3 on iOS 13.7 crashes upon startup.
(When the app is opened, it loads fir a second but then immediately crashes. The app still appears to be open in the app scroll through window, but when it’s selected it goes back to home screen. )

2. Description
(Restart phone, no apps are open. select Cubasis 3 to open. Cubasis 3 opens, loading screen turns to the edit screen, which is dim with a window that says “loading project 2” with a loading bar. within one second, we’re back to the home screen of the device. When the home button is double tapped, Cubasis 3 still appears to be open. when it is selected, we end up back at the home screen of the device within one second.)

3. Expected Results
(I expect to see the edit window for project 2.)

4. Actual Results
(Instead I see the home page of my device, iPhone SE.)

5. Environment
(iPhone SE, iOS 13.7. Cubasis 3.2.1.)

6. Also
(Cubasis works when I open a new project upon startup, but when I try to go back to Project 2 it crashes again.)

Hi @erik233,

Thank you for your message.

We are sorry to read that you seems to have issues to open a specific project with Cubasis.

If this remains to be the case, please share the project with us (e.g. Dropbox link via private message), to allow our engineers to check the file.

Hope that helps!