Cubasis 3 documentation

Is there a simple PDF for Cubasis3? Equivalent to the Operation Manual. Finding the in app help difficult to navigate. It broken into sections that I don’t find convenient and there’s no obvious table of contents or index. As a result I’m often looking for features that I’m not even sure exist. It’s quite different to Cubase so better help in learning it would be very welcome.

Having the in app help documentation on an external web page would be a start. I keep hitting back and closing the entire app.

EDIT. OK. Here’s Something going wrong that I couldn’t put my finger on before.

  1. The help search just isn’t working at all. Even putting in a word that’s right there on the current page.
  2. Not entirely clear if the search is supposed to look through all pages. I guess it must be.
  3. To get back from the always empty search results page you either hit Android back and close the whole app or hit Home and leave the page you were reading.

Hi ruddy duck,

Thank you for your message.

Please use the “table of contents” located to the left in the in-app help, to browse and open the topics of your interest.
We are sorry about the broken search feature in the in-app help, which is planned to be taken out in a future update.

Best wishes,