Cubasis 3 does not allow me to change the input from 1 iPhone

I connect iRig and I cannot change the input in Cubase 3 to any other number. Cubase just picks up sound from iPhone mic.

Hi and welcome to the form,

Are you talking about Cubase 13 or Cubasis 3, please?

First off, this is likely NOT a Cubasis issue.
Have you fully charged your iPhone and restarted it with iRig NOT connected?
Very likely an iOS (USB?) connection issue or issue with powering iRig.
1K Multimedia also has a forum for their iOS devices.
You might also ask for help there.
There’s a lot of possibilities.
Does your iPhone battery have enough energy to power it?
What model iPhone?
Make sure that it’s recognizing the external hardware.
Does iRig appear in your iPhone Control Center?
Verify that iOS is recognizing it.
Can your model iPhone power it, as is, without an Apple Camera Connector Kit and a powered hub?

Hi @brian4,

Please check out the “Adding Audio tracks” chapter of our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, to learn more how to change inputs, when using external audio gear.

Of course, the available options are given by the device in use. To find out more what your audio device offers, you may exchange with our friends at IK Multimedia.

Hope that helps!