Cubasis 3 fails to load AudioUnit instruments on startup - AUv3 hard work now

Hi all

I wrote here in the community recently about Cubasis 3 the latest version as of Jan 2021, crackling now on iOS/iPadOS 14.3, where before it would not have.

Now, I went away and used my other DAW on iOS for a while, come back a week later, and when starting the Cubasis 3 app, although on-screen various audiounits are said to be loading up, once the VERY simple song project appeared, with just 3 AUv3 instruments in it (Mood Units, GeoShred, and some other synth), and only TWO 8-bar tracks, they would not emit sound.

I played with on/off of ‘mute’, both global and individual tracks, tried ‘solo’ of any given track, nothing. Only when the instrument was touched upon as though I were going to actually play it, did it emit sound. Once this was done with only ONE of the three AU instruments in the song project though, they ALL began emitting sound correctly.

That is, until they start to crackle I suppose!

Absolutely love Cubasis 3. It’s great, but the honeymoon period lasted until the New Year it seems, I do not know if it is the latest jump from iOS 14.2 to iOS 14.3 (I notify that I made that change just for completeness), or if it is inherent in Cubasis 3. HOWEVER, these issues do NOT occur with the older, but latest available version, I have of Cubasis 2 (Two).

We were told there was something tweaked to make Cub 3 work better, to run AU instruments better/more of them, but perhaps whatever it was, now clashes with some change Apple made to their iOS 14.3 update?

Love Cub 3, hope this can be fixed, I just watched a video of one frustrated user, Dylan Paris, who actually gets into this exact topic - the vagaries and fragility/variability of the Audio Unit experience as compared to VSTs in the PC (and Mac World?), which he says is rock-solid.

A regression, would be preferable to this - please issue a regression update until this can be corrected, my Cubasis 3 DAW is unusable as it stands, unless I solely restrict myself to only the in-built proprietary instruments Steinberg supply - although these are brilliant too!

Definitely not reducing my appstore star rating or anything, this is fixable, because Cubasis 2 works in these regards, on this exact iPad Pro 2nd gen, 512Gb ‘SSD’.

And to deal with the obvious, but fair first question in response to this, yes I have rebooted the iPad and am not running any other app at the same time as Cub 3.

Wish everybody well, this is a superb DAW on a great little platform, but we need maybe a bit more response and willingness or ability to regress a version backward, if faults like this are thrown up, if it helps. I know that’s a big psychological/commercial ‘no-no’ but leaving the customer basically using an entirely different DAW, because they want to employ Audio Unit instruments that Cubasis won’t let them use, is way worse I think?

EDIT - one further crazy aspect, is when I went to try this out again on Cub 3, there also was the ‘stuck note’ thing decided to occur, and the symptom that may or may not help, is when I hit the ‘stop/go’ arrow to halt playing, it did so, BUT the DSP meter went WILD ! While playing the midi tracks, it was hitting 43% max. Once i stopped the tracks being played, it shot up to the 80’s and after a few seconds going wild - but with no sound because i halted playing - it was like an emergency cut-out was invoked because suddenly a little rectangle appeared above the DSP meter read-out and in it was written the word ‘silent’.

The DSP then dropped away to zero. AhWell…! May help, may not.

Take care everyone,


Please give the following steps a try:

(1) Load an empty project
(2) Close all running apps, including Cubasis
(3) Shut down the iPad.

Once restarting the iPad and Cubasis, are you able to reproduce the issue?