Cubasis 3 feature request : better vertical zooming experience (iPhone)

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I’m sorry but vertical zooming in and out on the arranger takes me a lot of time in Cubasis (on iPhone), as shown on the first video attached, so i would like to suggest some improvements about it :

#1 : at least zoom in on the selected track or clip, and zoom out from the center (also suggested for the Mixer section)

or/and (better)

#2 : add vertical pinch-to-zoom compatibility on the Arranger, allowing flexible and smooth zooming operations on both axis at the same time (i guess this requires a fair amount of work but it would really worth it)

Trouble using Cubasis 3 vertical zoom :

What i would like to be able to do in Cubasis :

By the way, look at this useful Portrait Mode compatibility… :point_up_2: :grin: :point_down:


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Hi @electrafa,

Please note that the "Zoom Panel"located bottom right comes as an optional feature in the iPhone version.

“Pinch to zoom” is supported above the “Arrange Window” and there are several presets above the track list to change the height of tracks (simply tap the second arrow button above the track list).

Hope that helps!

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Hi @LSlowak , thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I use the “Zoom Panel” because it can zoom to the max level (which is unavailable by tapping the arrow on the track list that you mentionned, unfortunately).

I also use “pinch to zoom” but that is for horizontal zooming only (it works great already), i’m just talking about vertical zooming in this topic. :v:

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Absolutely…Pinch to zoom in and out, both horizontally and vertically would be a huge plus and advantage production, mixing and editing on the iPhone…Please look into it.:pray:

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