Cubasis 3 for Android does not show up in my MySteinberg License Portal

I just downloaded Cubasis 3 incl. all plugins from the Android Play Store. I have registered my Installation by installing RoomWorks SE and used my MySteinberg Account doing so. It seems to have worked, because Cubasis said so and RoomWorks in available for me.

Expected Results
The license should show up in my MySteinberg License portal.

Actual Results
Unfortunately Cubasis 3 does not show up in my MySteinberg License Portal, while my Cubasis 2 license from my old iPad does so.

Samsung Galaxy S10, Android 10, German language

Hope you can help me out with this.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your message and report, shared with our engineering.


Hey Lars,

just wanted to come back to this issue. Still not solved, Cubasis 3 still does not show up in “My Products” page.

Could be a hint - I had an iPad before. Now i mostly use Android. Might this be an issue to the registration process?


Hi Stefan,

I don’t think it’s supposed to show up in your MySteinberg, as it’s managed via Google account as any other android app. But I may be wrong.

(Mine doesn’t show up either)