Cubasis 3 for Android unable to delete micrologue from track

After loading micrologue and no longer wanting to use it the delete button causes the app to crash.

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Hi @cbelnavis,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

We are sorry to read about your crash issues with Cubasis for Android, which has been shared with the team.

If possible, please let us know what Android device you have in use.

We hope to have an update available soon, which will resolve the problem.

Thanks again
& stay safe,

Samsung Galaxy A52

Thanks for the additional information, @cbelnavis!
We hope to be able to soon release an update which resolves the problem!


Thanks for the update, problem solved, however how do I load my own one shots and samples and where is the auv3 support for andriod they seem to be all available for ios.

Hi @cbelnavis,

Thanks for your feedback, glad to read that the update resolved your problem.

You can create your own instruments via using the MiniSampler.

Please find the steps how to import audio files described in the “MediaBay” chapter of the Cubasis help: MediaBay

AUv3 support has been established by Apple. Please make sure to let Google know, that you want to see something similar on Android!

Hope that helps!