Cubasis 3 Free to Upgrade?

Hello. I own Cubasis 2 on iPad but when I go to the app store to upgrade it’s showing Cubasis 3 as $49.99, is that correct?

Yes you have to pay again…
Even if your a faithful user since day one,
And supported Cubasis with good reviews & help with issues etc…

Yes that is a Total bitch move sinds i already need to go from 10 to 10.5

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Cubasis has seen 30+ free updates with many new features and improvements, since its initial release back in Dec 2012.

Cubasis 3 was fully rewritten from scratch, adds an iPhone version and 20+ user-requested features.
It is no update of a previous Cubasis version, but a brand-new application. The team worked several years on its, including 24/7 for many months.

Cubasis 3 can be purchased as download through the App Store and is not available for free to existing customers of previous versions of Cubasis, priced at 49.99$/54.99€.

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Will you offer at least some kind of upgrade pricings?


Hey Lars, I get that Steinberg needs to charge for this upgrade due to all the investment in development, but it also seems reasonable that there would be an upgrade price - something like 29.99 for those who purchased and supported Cubasis 1 & 2 up to this point - i.e. to essentially finance Cubasis and Steinberg to get it where it is.

Ok, people. I happily pay for every update/upgrade Steinberg makes - because without me - and you - paying, there would be little development. And I would be running Pro 16 (the first Steinberg software) on Atari from 1984. Of course you can discuss the amount to pay, but for my part, I am happy using latest versions of Cubase Pro, WaveLab and Cubasis.

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I would not expect an upgrade like Cubasis 3 to be at no charge to Cubasis 2 users, but like the ( pretty unusable at this point on inspection of the Cubase issues forum ) upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.5.05 I would ask that Steinberg see the advantage to offering Cubasis 2 users an upgrade price. Of course I understand that It is Steinberg’s initiative and prerogative to invent these upgrade’s as they wish but I for one would hope they would also keep the expense to the end user in mind. After all they could stop at a certain number of new features and release it and be fair with an upgrade price to existing customers of the software. As long as it works as advertised :slight_smile:

Cubase Pro 10.5. Yes, tha’t true there are some issues. I upgraded my macOS to 10.15. as soon as Steinberg had the drivers for my audio interface, UR22C, ready and Cubase is running pretty smooth on my computer. For Mac users running Mojave, Steinberg have released an Cubase 10.5.5 Hotfix.


A $50 iPad app with no upgrade pricing is a huge disappointment. I wasn’t expecting a free update, but to be expected to pay full price is a bit of a shock. This is incentive for me to stay on v2, for sure.

Will there be a Cubasis 3 LE, and will buyers of Steinberg hardware get it for free?

It is a lot to pay for an upgrade. But the developers have families and financial obligations, and Steinberg is not a charitable organization. Would it have been nice to have a discounted or free upgrade – yes, of course. But in fairness to Steinberg, they make great software products and the developers need to be paid. I bit the bullet and am off to learn what’s new. Now looking forward to the next 30+ free upgrades…

cubasis 3 and cubasis almost same app ,This is not fair only some extra things added to cubasis 3 so why we (cubasis 2 )user have to pay again full money for add on features

Although I too am disappointed that there’s no upgrade pricing from 2.x, in the grand scheme of things, $49 is an absolute bargain given all the functionality of the product and the work that went into building it.

For me this is a show stopper. Who cares about the design of fx’s ? It’s extra functions we need, like remote control. I see a trend here: Cubase 10.5 also did not add much to the previous version. Is this the way Steinberg is going to make money?

I have a hard time with this being a complete re-write of code yet such a basic feature as midi tempo change not being written in … heck even my 30 year old copy of Opcode Vision made for the old SE toaster Mac’s has tempo change guys :unamused: For us jazz and classical types Cubasis is next to worthless unless recording a live session. You can’t even play standard midi files in it properly. I get that developers need to make money to feed their kids, etc., and I’ll have no problem paying $50.00 for a new version when Cubasis gives us this most basic of functions. Till then Cubasis 2 will continue to provide a somewhat useful but limited role in my workflow … I’m very disappointed and I know I’m not alone.

Sure a discount for existing users would be nice. I wouldn’t expect it to be free but I think steinberg is being very fair. This is a new app. They could have easily called it something totally different than “Cubasis” and probably wouldn’t have gotten any negativity from it.

Let the haters hate. Nobody says you have to buy the new version. If you’ve made music before on Cubasis 2 then you can continue making beautiful music on it. Nobody is taking that away. …Now GET OUT THERE AND MAKE MUSIC on whatever version you want!

Wow no upgrade pricing at all? Count me out, I paid $50 back when it first came out, and so far i’ve found very little use for it, i would check out the new features but not for that price.

$70 CDN for folder management which should have been in version 1. No way in hell would I think to pay that much. Hasta la vista.

I just finished watching the “New Features in Cubasis 3” Wow!
Many thanks to you and your team for all of your hard work and dedication in bringing us such an amazing DAW that we can now carry around in our pockets. :smiley: