Cubasis 3 ios 12

Is there any chance of getting a flight test on cubasis 3 for iOS 12.1.4.? As I have got over 300 apps and they all worked perfect as they are and I don’t want to risk them not working if I update the iOS… I have already got cubasis 3 and put it on my son’s iPad Air 2 which is on 14.2 but I do not want to update the iOS on mine and I would love to try out
I would be happy to test it and let you know if it works alright and maybe you might consider putting it on IOS 12

Hi joshuagood533,

Thanks for your message.
Unfortunately we are unable to provide a Cubasis 3 version for iOS 12.


Can I ask You, when it will be in plan? :grinning:

Hi OtisGotIt,

Can I ask You, when it will be in plan? :grinning:

It’s not planned to support iOS 12.

Best wishes,

I don’t think they want to put it on IOS 12 even if they sent me a flight test just to test it out