Cubasis 3 LE upgrade issues

Sorry to say that but i am not happy with the cubasis 3 LE upgrade in the ios app store. There are several issues that i cant solve so i want to get my money back!( Maybe i will try cubasis2 if it is more stable and usefull)
Issues: send time clock turned on freeze the recording when i use third party or any midi tracks
I try to time sync somehow softdrummer with cubasis 3 but i cant do that. With Aum and for example with quantiloop output it works…Lastly i try to load a source synth app as audio track and after that the start button freeze and i cant get used it anymore…I read the manual about the things and i almost mess up a full day with it but i cant get rid of it.
So i want to get my money back !
Balazs H.

Hi Balazs H.,

We are sorry to read that you seem to be unsatisfied with your app purchase.
Please get in touch with Apple to ask them for a refund.

Thanks again,