Cubasis 3 not recording Incoming midi from AU sequencers

  1. Cubasis 3 not recording incoming Midi from AU sequencers like Cubasis 2

  2. Description
    In Cubasis 2 I am able to open a Audio Unit such as DigiStix Drummer have it to follow Host and I am able to record midi notes from DigiStix Drummer. So then I can turn off Host control and the Midi data is populated in Cubasis as a Midi Track.
    In Cubasis 3 I cannot do this . It appears that virtual midi is not an option in Version 3 under “Routing”.

  3. I expect Cubasis 3 to do the same or improved features that Cubasis 2 had to offer but this does not seem to be the case.
    I do not want to add Audio bus to my workflow in order to get my desired results that I am so use to in Cubasis

I have chatted with Steinberg US Support and they are look into it

Please let me know if I am not doing something correct in my settings in Cubasis 3.
Is there a new feature for this that I just cannot find?


IPad 10.2.
IOS 13.x
128 gb

DigiStix Drummer

Here’s a video of what Cubasis 3 should do that Cubasis 2 does

Thank you In advance for all the help you could give.

Hi MrJonzon01,

Thank you for your message.

Please note that Cubasis 3.0.1 is in the works, and will address several user-reported problems, including AU-related topics.
The update is planned to be released very soon.

If possible, please give the case another check, once the maintenance update becomes available, and provide us with your feedback.