Cubasis 3 not sample accurate

Hello folks, first time posting here. I searched for similar topics but haven’t found any…

I face two issues using Cubasis 3.

  1. When importing audio loops which have a clear BPM in the title and line up in other DAWs on my desktop with no issues, the loops do not line up properly in Cubasis 3. I have tried to manually set the BPM in the properties of the clip, down in the edit window that pops up when an audio clip is selected… I’ve tried with timestretch, without… I have tried to set the start of the clip to the very first transient and manually placing in the correct spot on the timeline hoping the rest of the clip would line up…

Nothing seems to work. All loops I import seem to be just a few samples off from where they are supposed to be. What’s even weirder is loops from the same library with the same BPM don’t even line up :question:

2. Audio clips on the timeline window seem to “jump around” when I pinch to zoom in or out. I don’t know if this is cosmetic, or if the clips are truly being moved when I zoom… But I can clearly see the clips jumping before the downbeat, then after… seems to oscillate back and forth as I zoom.


Ipad Pro 11"
Ipad OS 13.4
Cubasis version 3.0.2

Hi Futurelogic,

Thank you for your message.

We are unaware of any problems in this regard.
There should be absolutely no need to use Time-Stretch or similar, to use regular audio loop files in Cubasis.

  • Do all DAWs in use, and files imported match in terms of audio properties (such as sample rate etc.)?
  • Is the Cubasis grid set appropriate, so the imported loops align properly?

If the problem persists, please let me have a detailed step report using our form below, and feel to share files or a project (e.g Dropbox link via PM).


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Hi Lars,

Thank you for your reply. While I work on building your request (questions 1-5)… I did want to clarify your second point:

“Is the Cubasis grid set appropriate, so the imported loops align properly?”

Wasn’t aware anything special had to be done, for loops to import and align properly… could you please explain this one a little deeper?


Hi Futurelogic,

I’m sure you are aware of this:
When loading imported Cubasis loops in Cubasis, these should have the same tempo as the project (with the possibility to adjust this via real-time time-stretch) and ideally comes with the same project capacities in terms of sample rate etc. The grid setting determines, how an event locks to the timeline.

Best wishes,