Cubasis 3 on sale for $34 (3/24/2020)

I just noticed that Cubasis 3 is available for 30% off right now, $34 in the US app store. Even if it’s not fully stable, it might be worth getting it at this point. I’m thinking it’s probably the best price we’ll see for the coming months.

and from what I’ve heard Steinberg has been doing a great job fixing bugs and giving support

Agreed! Or in the off chance that this was sarcasm, give them a few more days, version 3.0.2 should arrive in the store before the end of March.

No it wasn’t sarcasm :slight_smile: I’ve read some customers feedback on apple store where some users were saying Steinberg dev team addressed the issues and solved most of them. I suppose that’s when an app becomes strong, with users giving feedback and dev team addressing issues.