Cubasis 3 Project timing out of sync when importing into Cubase 10.5 plus more issues

When importing a Cubasis 3 project from iPhone Xr into Cubase 10.5 on windows 10 the project in Cubase 10 timing is out of sync compared to the one in Cubasis 3 like I never time-stretched them. Also, the mini sampler tracks I made in Cubasis are soundless with no instrument or sample file loaded just the midi file. And to make things worse, the project when imported into Cubase from Cubasis only plays through one speaker

[update] It seems that the issue is with time-stretching audio because I froze all the tracks in Cubasis 3 and imported the project into Cubase 10.5 and everything was in time like I time-stretched it in Cubasis except for the unfrozen wave files that were also I
Ported with the frozen audio files

Hi magsmccoy,

Thank you for your message.

Please make sure to render appropriate tracks in Cubasis or add appropriate time-stretching and/or pitch-shift values manually in your Cubase project.

Hope that helps!

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Is this going to be fixed???

Hi magsmccoy,

For now, technical limitations prevent to transfer time-stretch information between Cubasis and Cubase via the Importer.