Cubasis 3 projects export back to cubasis 2?

Hello - help needed!

I owned cubasis 2 and now switched to cubasis 3, transfered all projects and deleted the cubasis 2 app.

Now using cubasis 3 it often crashes and is quite buggy :disappointed:

Now I want to go back using cubasis 2, but cubasis 3 project wont open in cubasis 2, cause its now modified in newer version.
I dont have backup left anywhere.

Question: is there ANY way to transfer them back?

Ps: i want to transfer the whole projects, not track by track.

Please help!

Hi Heavy,

While there might be ways to load Cubasis 3 projects with Cubasis 2, it is not officially supported.


But what are the ways?
Maybe through cubase importer to cubase and then save as to cubasis 2 format?
I need to get them back - not only track by track - it is painful and not a good solution (all parameters are lost ) and so on.

Hi Heavy,

Unfortunately I do not know if it is possible.
Just wanted to mention, that we do not support it officially.


But you should - it is unaceptable, that you cant share c3 projects with others using c2.