Cubasis 3 : question with multiple ISymphonic AUv3 instruments and midi keyboard

Hi All !

I have a quick question for you guys. I’ve been playing around with Cubasis 3 and ISymphonic as an auv3 audio plugin. I noticed that when you add a new ISymphonic instrument, if you already have another ISymphonic instrument playing back, both instruments are being played when you hit a midi key.

Example: I first record an ISymphonic Grand Piano track. Everything goes fine. Then I add another ISymphonic track, e.g. with symphonic strings. When I want to record the string (using a midi keyboard), I can hear both piano and strings being played back.

Note that I ensured that only the new track is in recording mode (red button on the track).

Does anybody has the same problem ? Is there a way to fix it ?

Update: It looks like a midi keyboard issue. When I play on screen, using the on-screen keyboard or the pads, the problem disappears.

Thank you !

Hi @josm,

Glad to read that you’ve been able to resolve the problem yourself!
Thanks for the update.

Enjoy making music
& stay well,