Cubasis 3 recording using IPad4 Microphone

When I was using IPad 2 with cubasis2 and recording my acoustic guitar directly, the recording levels were just right. To use Cubasis3 I changed to an IPad 4, but the recording level using the IPad 4 mic is extremely low. Is this an issue with IPad 4 or with Cubasis 3. I have waited till now hoping an update would put it right, but as yet no joy.

Anybody got an ideas on this, thanks.


Hi, while I have asked the above Question, Can I also add a request:

Your opinions on

  1. Your methods on recording Acoustic guitar to Cubasis,
  2. i could use my Shure FM57 thru my UR22 mk2

Thanks for any feedback.

Hi Dave73,

Thanks for your message.

So far we are unaware of recording level differences between iOS devices.
Normally, these should be similar.

Are you able to reset the device and/or to re-install Cubasis, to prevent device or app related problems?

Important: Please make sure to back up your files properly, before doing this!