Cubasis 3 stock piano sounds


I just purchased Cubasis 3 on iOS to record some of my solo piano play and I was wondering how stock pianos sound like. It’s not bad at all, definitely something that can cut through a pop mix, I compared to some of my best virtual piano AUv3 plugins which of course sound better which is expected as these are gigabyte each. Here is a short and dirty comparison:

Unfortunately both rompler and sampler cannot be edited so I cannot tell how many layers or samplers these pianos are but they all sound good. Compared to Garageband for iOS, there are more piano instruments available:

I love sound of my Roland FP-30 with SuperNatural modelling and that’s why I purchased Cubasis 3 because it is the only iOS app I knew with full sustain pedal sequencing and external MIDI device playback. I tried Auria Pro but it was constantly crashing, Cubasis 3 appear to work correctly so far. Hoping for many years of updates!

(I cannot post links my account is fresh, sorry).

Hi lzap,

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