Cubasis 3 won’t recognize digital audio interface

I’m using an iPad ninth generation (with the lightning input) with a powered USB hub and I’m having no luck getting Cubasis 3 to a digital audio interface. I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4th Gen USB (and tried a PreSonus AudioBox iOne 2x2 USB) Neither of these were recognized in Cubasis 3 but both interfaces worked great in garage band. I’ve tried three different hubs as well as different USB cables to no avail. I also realize that you have give Cubasis access to the microphone in your iPad settings. I really like this iPad DAW the best and I hope I don’t have to purchase another DAW software for the iPad. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @stevegalbrecht

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Cubasis fully supports class-compliant audio devices, so there should be no issues using the Focusrite device, as far as it is connected as suggested by the manufacturer.

Does Cubasis plays back through the Focusrite device once connected to it?
In addition, these are the instructions/settings explained when recording audio with an external device:

Hope that helps!


Thanks a lot for responding Lars. Yeah I’ve watched your videos and that doesn’t really help me but thanks a lot and I’ll keep trying.

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