Cubasis 96k sample rate issues ipad air 3

I am new to the cubasis train. So far I love it but the only thing that I am having an issue is trying to record at 96k sample rate. My set up is as follows:

Ipad air gen 3 (HD space at 45% capacity)
Apogee mic plus (boast a sample rate of up to 96k)

Everything works fine at 44.1 and 48. As soon as I switch to 96k, the app will not monitor without cutting out or distorting. When attempting to record, the app won’t do it and the sound will crash. I used the highest latency mode with no resolution. Ive done a soft reset and the issue is not resolved at the 96k same rate. Keep in mind, it does this even though i have no other tracks or plug ins going on.

The curve ball here is I am running the ipados14 beta (latest one) and I really hope that is the issue.

Does anyone have a resolution or can testify Cubasis isn’t just an unstable recording software at 96k, like do you record at 96k without an issue?

Thank you!