Cubasis - AmpSim

Hi all

I will be using Cubasis primarily for guitar based recording and was wondering how others approach this.
The built in AmpSim insert is simply no good for my purposes and would like to use Jamup as a “Plug in”.
If I was to use the above in conjunction with Audiobus will this be possible?
Would also like to be able to Re-Amp my guitar signal?


Here is what you need to record guitar into cubasis.

  1. Some form of guitar interface. I don’t recommend the type that use the iPads headphone jack (too much cross talk); instead look for one that uses the dock connector (30 pin or lightning depending on iPad model).

  2. (Option 2) I also have a Fender amp that has USB out so I can plug this in to the iPad using Apple’s camera connection kit.

  3. Any iPad guitar amp app that supports audiobus. So far we have JamUp Pro, AmpKit, Amplitube is supposed to support Audiobus in the next update. These apps can be used in the input slot or effects slot of Audiobus.

  4. When you setup a guitar amp app in Audiobus’s input or effect slot and Cubasis in the output slot, Cubasis automatically creates and audio track with the correct input configuration.

  5. Next, hit record and let the ghost of Jimi Hendrix flow through your fingers. :wink:

Ampkit supports re-amping internally with it’s own recorder and supports the effects slot in Audiobus. Since Cubasis supports Audiobus as both input and output the re-amp potential is superb. Use a digital interface for best results.

Does anyone know if Cubasis for the iPad can accept 4 or more inputs using some external hardware? I need to record four mics in simultaneously. I see that Auria supports the use of many hardware interfaces that have multiple inputs and outputs.

Is there an interface that would let me use my Alesis four channel firewire mixer and capture all four audio streams into the iPad?