Cubasis and Amplitude 4

I’m thinking of getting an iPad Pro and using the Cubasis as a way to record writer’s work tapes. Gonna’ use the UR-RT2 USB interface with a USB adaptor on the iPad and use Amplitude 4 as my amp sim app. My question is how do I route Amplitude ? Does it work as a “VST” insert like in any other DAW or do I run it as a separate app and then “route” it’s output into Cubasis? Any one doing something similar to this ? Thanks … Randy

Cubasis does not host VSTis.

But there is an iOS verion called “AmpliTube CS for iPad”, which you probably can use as insert in Cubasis tracks via Interapp Audio or Audio Bus (proprietary IOS formats comparable to VST on PCs).

Thanks jimknopf, great to see “users supporting users” here… :slight_smile:


have a look at JamUp Pro, its less resource-intensive than Amplitube and has great amp sims along with a Share function for downloading presets from the community.
I’ve been using this as an inter-app plugin with great happiness :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional input, 642carl!