Cubasis and Amplitude CS for iPad

Yes, I know Steinberg doesn’t make Amplitude so they can’t answer any question as to why I would be having any problems using Cubasis and Amplitude together–even though Cubasis is advertised as supporting iOS Core Audio, IAA, and Audiobus compatible. So between those three touted connection options, one of them should provide one simple thing: That the amps in Amplitude CS sound like they should when I’m either connected solely to Amplitude (via UR22MKII) or Amplitude is connected to Cubasis via Audiobus. I’ve adjusted the Gain settings, the output settings, the latency settings, EVERYTHING I can possibly think of and the fact of the matter is the cheap plastic toy that is the iRig2 produces a more faithful volume-filled sound of the amps in Amplitude than my UR22MKII does. Additionally, when I just connect my guitar to the UR22MKII the tone is dark and low and muffled even if my guitar’s settings are maxed volume and maxed tone. It doesn’t do this when connected to an amp or other interfaces/DAWs. There’s no damage to the UR22MKII nor my iPad. I have not upgraded to iOS 12.4 because of the bugs reported by Audiobus. And as for Audiobus and Amplitude, they both say this is a Steinberg issue and not on them after I provided the same information. I don’t even know why I’m bothering with this post even because you’re just going to give me the copy paste, response of “We cannot vouch for the products of other companies. Sorry. Goodbye.” Here’s to hoping for the best. :unamused:

Ok…so I came in a tad-bit hot in my earlier post. You’ll be absolutely SHOCKED to know my problems with the UR22MKII, Cubasis, Amplitude were in fact–really, this is going to bowl you over–all a case of OPERATOR ERROR. It seems that I, in my haste to be the incompetent, snarky, insulting, idiot American that I am, I did not see that while Cubasis and Amplitude latency were both set correctly, I did not properly adjust the Audiobus latency override. After reducing the latency to 64 frames I’m having a such a profoundly better experience. Amps and pedals I dreamed of playing with since I was but a small, incompetent, snark-filled, insulting, idiot-American child are now resoundingly, resolutely, voluminously, voraciously, vivaciously, radiating perfect sin curves in and out and all over inside my wet, juicy, sopping, quivering, tender brain holes. I have you, and your wonderful company, and its ridiculously affordable and simple to use–provided you don’t act like me–products to thank for this wonderful music-making morning here in America as I do my best to drown out the futile cries of Western Liberal Democracy crumbling all around me because a bankrupt game-show host thought it would be a fun to help plunge the world into an global autocratic kleptocracy because the President made a joke about him once. Again, sorry for the attitude in the initial post. Disregard it completely. Better yet, disregard me completely.

Enjoy your schadenfreude.

I know I will (wait…no, that’s not how it works…damn it)

Thank You For Your Time and Consideration
Andrew :blush:

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your messages.
In other words, the issue has been solved and your up and running?